China | 15.07.11

A day full of surprises at the work-site

A day full of surprises at the work-site. Some of the stone had not been delivered to the work site! All was not lost however, as I was able to show the scale model of ‘Cloudstone’ to the person responsible for ordering the marble for my project. The marble should be delivered to the site in a few days. So today I took the opportunity to see how the other sculptors were setting about their work.

Each sculptor has an artisan to assist with the technical aspects of the work. In some cases the artisans do the majority of the carving under the direction of the artist. Air tools, angle grinders and traditional hammer and chisels are used to work the marble and granite blocks. Each sculptor has been provided with a respirator, hard-hat, gloves, safety glasses and ear plugs although there were instances where workers started work without using even the most basic personal protective equipment.

I checked out the tools provided on site and was somewhat perplexed that there were no 5″ angle grinders available. I have brought some diamond cutting and shaping blades with me, some blades need a 5″ grinder. Happy to oblige the technical guys will make suitable washers for me so I can use the blades.

It will be good to start work. In the meantime I will visit the World Sculpture Park tomorrow.