China | 01.08.11

Together again

My two blocks of marble are back together again. Many days ago the blocks were place one on top of the other so the overall form of the sculpture could be established. The blocks were then separated and carved while sitting on the ground, using angle grinders with diamond blade cutting discs, hammers and chisels. […]

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China | 28.07.11

Hands off

Given the scale of the blocks of stone we sculptors are dealing with the organisers of the Symposium enlisted the assistance of artisans with experience working with stone. I have been supplied with 2 large block of ‘red’ marble (apparently not as hard as the white marble) and 2 assistants. The work undertaken was to […]

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China | 26.07.11

Getting it together

Today’s the day the 2 marble blocks came together albeit briefly so I could draw the overall shape of the sculpture. This is trickier than it seems as the stones are still rough with little hope of drawing a straight line. The artisans use an inked string which they pull taught over the stone face […]

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China | 25.07.11


It seems that many of the stones the sculptors are working on have been sourced from Shandong, a city south of Beijing. And the three artisans that have recently been assigned to work on my ‘red’ marble’ are also from Shandong. They are familiar with the characteristics of the stone and work it most efficiently. […]

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China | 22.07.11

Gathering pace

Changchun experienced a rainstorm last night which turned part of the work site into a mini lake. I noticed a pair of hands (discarded rubber gloves) in prayer position emerging out of the sodden ground,no doubt praying for the sun to shine again! After many days of inactivity waiting for the stones to arrive the […]

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China | 21.07.11

Stone and more stone

It amazes me to see the quantity of stone that is being delivered to the work site in Changchun. Trucks and mobile cranes are continually arriving. People are working in close proximity to each other so that is difficult to avoid the dust, flying stone chips and of course the noise. Why the artisans, who […]

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China | 19.07.11

Two enormous blocks of red marble

Two enormous blocks of red marble greeted me when I turned up at the work site this morning. I was thrilled of course but I had hoped that one side of each block would be cut by a saw leaving a reasonably flat surface. This is important as the 2 blocks have to be joined […]

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China | 18.07.11

Still waiting

I can’t believe I am still waiting for my stone! I am not the only one but it means I will need more assistance to complete the job on time. Supplying the materials for over 100 sculptors is no small order and the size of the stones makes transporting and handling a tricky business. The […]

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China | 18.07.11

Time out to visit the World Sculpture Park

Took time out today to visit the World Sculpture Park,a sneak preview before a planned outing in a few weeks time. The area of the Sculpture Park is enormous; large stone and bronze sculptures placed in a parkland setting. To complete the scene there is a huge lake which adds to the serenity of the […]

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China | 15.07.11

A day full of surprises at the work-site

A day full of surprises at the work-site. Some of the stone had not been delivered to the work site! All was not lost however, as I was able to show the scale model of ‘Cloudstone’ to the person responsible for ordering the marble for my project. The marble should be delivered to the site […]

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