South Korea | 01.11.11

The last hurrah

No wonder South Korea is the 10th biggest economy in the world; they work at speed and accomplish a great deal. And they certainly know how to build bridges and highways and tall buildings and lots of them. Mr Ko , Director of Yatoo Korean Nature Artists Association, works double-time most of the time. He […]

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South Korea | 19.10.11

War and Peace

Yesterday was a long day; up at 6.30 AM and not back to the Yatoo Centre till 12 midnight. Artists associated with Yatoo Korean Nature Artist’s Association have recently installed sculptures at the Dorsan Peace Park near the de-militarized zone (DMZ) which has separated North from South Korea for the almost 60 years. Owing to […]

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South Korea | 19.10.11

The Wongol experience

Recently we spent the day at the Yatoo Nature Artist’s International residence at the small village of Wongal. It was time for some of the resident artists to put their work on show, and what a show it turned out to be. Wongl Jeon from Korea and a founding member of the Yatoo group explained […]

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South Korea | 10.10.11

The stone factory

Carving the Black Granite at the stone factory was an experience I will remember. The stone factory is only one small but impressive part of the Gaewha Arts Park. The sheer size of the stones that are excavated from the local mountains is impressive as is the range of equipment assembled to work it. During […]

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South Korea | 09.10.11


Reflecting on the natural environment deepens our connection with our personal nature. At this critical time in our history when the natural environment is under attack from so many quarters, it is obvious that we need to do something positive. Yatoo Nature Art Association has provided me as an artist with an opportunity to create […]

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South Korea | 01.10.11

Country residence

The Yatoo Nature Artist’s Association has a residence at Wogol about 45 minutes from Gongju and set in a valley where local villagers grow rice and market garden vegetables. 6 artists can stay at the residence for a period up to 3 months There is also the opportunity to run workshops involving people from the […]

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South Korea | 29.09.11

Rainy day in Gongju

It had to happen. The run of summer weather had to come to an end and today was the day. Gentle but persistent rain all day, grey skies, paved areas awash. There is a big festival to be held in Gongju commencing on 1st October. The rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of workers and […]

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South Korea | 26.09.11

My Korean adventure

Booked in for my flight to Seoul. My big bag weighed in at 20.6 kilos. Right on the money. The guy then calmly informed me that the economy class on my flight had been oversold; would I mind going Premium class. WOW. My first time business class so I enjoyed every moment including settling down […]

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China | 16.09.11

Where to from here

The last days of our stay in Changchun were devoted to attending the 3rd International Sculpture Conference. This was a huge affair with over 300 delegates. The opening ceremony was held in a vast open square at the World Sculpture Park. There were speeches aplenty, a Ceramics exhibition to look at as well as a […]

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China | 06.09.11

The Unveiling

Imagine the scene. The NE Changchun City Urban Wetland Park has been a work in progress only a few days before thousands of people gathered for the unveiling of the Great Stone bearing the name of all the sculptors who participated in the 12th International Sculpture Symposium. My name is 8th from the top although […]

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